The Ground Floor
leather goods and whiskey on our bottom floor
Coats and jackets
Shop display showing niwaki, filson, ciagrs and truefitt and hill

A walk through the ground floor at our shop in Salisbury...

The Entrance Room offers a warm welcome and a snapshot of what we do: from socks, gent’s grooming and Cuban cigars to the ever-changing shop window displaying the best new brands and garments, here’s your perfect one-stop-shop for gifts and goods. Past our unbeatable tie wall you’ll find The Mint Room, dedicated to heritage whilst paring things down to the fundamental. the classics and the new.

Then there’s The Boiler Room, our unique space for liquor and leather goods. From old and new world biodynamic wines to artisan whisky, organic gin and local beers, we stock alcohol because it is just as much a part of a person’s style as their clothing. Ours is a collection of carefully curated bottles, spirits and know-how, offering a bespoke way to choose booze, and it’s presented alongside our finest leather goods, putting the spotlight on our Regent-Cheaney collaboration shoes and Tusting briefcases amongst others.