Have a browse of our Gallery and check out what we’ve done, what we’re doing, and what we can do.

What you see here is a taster of Regent’s rich and varied history, right up to the present day. Flick through for inspiration, outfit ideas and shots of our beautiful clothes in action, being enjoyed by our wonderful customers.

From wedding parties through to office and evening wear, shooting gear, suiting gear, personal styling outfits, capsule wardrobes and more, we curate our Gallery for ambitious and inquisitive customers to help get a sense of what can be done when you get in touch.

The emphasis is on customer collaboration: let us know if you’re particularly interested or inspired by anything you see here, and we can start a conversation.

“Over the years, Regent has developed to become less of a store and more of a lifestyle for many of our most loyal customers, and I’m particularly proud of that.” Jason Regent

Regent Tailoring shop in Salisbury