Whisky & Cigars 

We understand that style is something that extends beyond what can be worn, and we’re proud to bring you goods for a life that matches your style. Some of these finer things are not available at our online store, including our range of whisky and cigars, but sometimes this is a good thing: these items have to been seen, tasted and smelt to be believed. At the Regent Shop on New Street, Salisbury, we’ve housed our alcohol and smokes in our Boiler Room, a luxurious time capsule refurbished with old church pews, wall panelling salvaged from classic coastal piers, and every inch of storage space bedecked with the finest quality alcohol, cigars and leather goods. This part of our shop is a testament to times gone by, bench marks of good standard and revered practices, and the drinks and cigars you’ll find here are curated to continue those standards, our drinks selection is handpicked with style, interest and with our customers in mind. There’s old and new world bio-dynamic wines from small yielding vineyards and highly respected wine makers, artisan whisky, organic gin and local beers. We prefer to choose the best Wiltshire has to offer, like Dark Revolution, Salisbury’s craft beer kings.

Biodynamic Wine, organic whiskey, single malt, gin, rum and beer

We pride ourselves on our expertise and ability to facilitate great pairings, helping you pick a match to remember. Have you ever tried an organic whisky? Or a gin distilled in the former home of Sir Walter Raleigh? How about a locally brewed ale that’s pushing its way up the ranks of the UK craft scene, or a fragrant rum from a far flung place, ready to be paired with unique ingredients to please your Friday night guests? We’ve got it all, offering the ideal gifts for the discerning drinker. All this is presented alongside our finest leather goods, putting the spotlight on our legendary Regent-Cheaney collaboration shoes and peerless Tusting briefcases, amongst others, ensuring that the Boiler Room at Regent is truly worth a visit. The sights, smells and tastings on offer, coupled with some expert advice on pairings and new discoveries, ensures it to be an experience that will broaden your style horizon.