Payment Methods 

We at Regent want to make sure that you are able to securely and confidently purchase from us, we offer several different ways to shop online and instore. 

REGENT ACCOUNT - We offer regent accounts where you can top up with us and create a credit to spend in store these can be added to by friends and family for birthdays and christmas. Perfect way to save and spend.

CREDIT/DEBIT CARD  - We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Accsess and AMEX.

SHOP PAY - Shop pay is a acclerated way to spend where you can safely and quickly pay for orders online.

PAYPAL - Paypal is a secure and fast way to pay once you have an account you can log in securely and choose how you would like to pay whether using paypal pay in 3 installments or via your bank account.

GPAY - Google pay, speedy way to pay using card saved to your Google account.

KLARNA - Klarna enables you to pay in 3 interest free installments which enables you to spread the cost of your shopping. We at Regent want to you to enjoy the felxibilty this brings to the website but hope you also understand who Klarna are  and have read there terms and conditions and feel comfortable before agreeing to any payment schemes.

Price Match 

We want  to make sure you’re getting the best service we can offer, and that extends to making sure you’re getting the best price too! That’s why we offer Price Match.

If you find a product that is a match to one that we are selling - size and colour, and with another reputable retailer - send us an email with a link to the webpage and we will try our best to match this price!

We’re an independent business and if you’re willing to support us, we want to support you to ensure that you’re getting the best deal.

Thank you for supporting our independent business.