Looking to Develop, Re-Think or Master Your Personal Style? Regent are Here to Help.

As part of our one-stop-shop ethos, Regent offer free personal styling appointments in order to get to know you, learn about where you’re at with you current style and image and to help develop and re-think it, or simply to push it further, depending on what you’re after. To book an appointment (in up to one-hour slots), enter your contact details in the form below and one of the Regent team will get in touch. Read on to learn a little more about our appointments:

In each appointment, you and Jason Regent will work out what it is you’re after: we’ve worked with people on whole-image revamps as well as focusing in on individual aspects, such as the shoes or shirts you wear. We believe that true style is knowing who you are, so we place an emphasis on listening, discussion and collaboration: our wide range of products catering for a great variety of styles ensures that we’re confident we’ll have something that’s up your street. We’re also keen to help broaden your fashion horizons if that’s something you feel interested in: we carefully curate the brands we stock, distilling the best contemporary fashion from around the world, as well as our timeless, heritage-inspired Regent range. Mr Regent likens the experience to a ‘free fashion health-check’ and emphasizes that ‘there’s no obligation to come back – we just want to show you what else is out there.’

‘Men’, Jason says, ‘particularly between the ages of 30 to 60, can find themselves stuck in a rut with the way they dress. We all go through phases, and during this time men often feel like they’d like to match these changes with their sense of style, but that can seem daunting. Come and seen me and I can help you try a variety of different styles from our wide range of clothing, all made from the highest quality materials: giving your look a boost will feel like a walk in the park.’

Spending an hour giving a good think to your style can save time and hassle in the long run, and the experience can be especially fruitful when there’s a special occasion coming up – something Regent specialize in. Book below for your free hour of high-quality consultation.