Heres a little insight to what we get up to, from Photoshoots to a tour of our beloved shop in Salisbury. since our inception in 2006, we've come a long way and are excited to show a few exerts of what we have been up to! you'll also find a great view into our store, as well as some shots of our great friends and customers. 

A Tour of the Regent Shop.

A Tour around Regent - The Shop Entrance

A Tour around Regent - The Mint Room

A Tour around Regent - The Games Room

A Tour around Regent - The Boiler Room/ Liquor Club

A Tour around Regent - The Smoking Room

A Tour around Regent - The Study

Our Liquor Club

a place to grab a bottle of organic or biodynamic wine, an exciting local beer or bespoke bottle of whisky. Or a soft drink too! we've always got something open to try, so why not pay it a visit? shot and edited by Archie Young starring Sam Everett.

An Insight Into A Made To Measure Appointment

This video was created by our friend Jean Luc from

Regent how to iron a shirt

Tusting Weekender

AW14 Photo Shoot - Behind the Scenes.

We recently held a photo shoot to capture our new collection for AW14, watch the film to see behind the scenes at the photo shoot with Will Wilkinson.

The Kitchen Sessions with Andrew Walworth

Artist Andrew Walworth sat down with the guitar that sits in the corner of the kitchen recently and started playing us a tune, so we caught it on camera.

Truefitt and Hill