Bespoke Suits

The Basics

Regent offer a semi-bespoke tailoring service. A semi-bespoke service, which is frequently referred to as made-to-measure, yields results that are just as good as a fully bespoke tailor, but at a fraction of the cost and with far fewer fittings after the customer's measurements have been taken.

The word 'bespoke' is age-old. In the nineteenth-century, it referred to the cloth that had been selected, or 'spoken for', by a client from his tailor. Over time, the meaning of the word has been diluted and occasionally it can mislead. Some tailors will claim to offer a bespoke service when the only thing they change on the suit is the fabric. Sometimes, they might make minor alterations to the sleeve or jacket length, a process that can be referred to as a ‘stock special’.

At Regent, we call ourselves semi-bespoke because all of our patterns are individually cut for each customer. For customer appraisals of our suits, see our testimonial page.

 Tailoring Options

A well cut suit says a lot about the person wearing it. It is important for any tailored garment to have a fine cloth and finish, but it is the fit that truly defines a great suit. Whilst many people can find a ready-to-wear suit that fits them, for the majority of people it can be worth investing in a bespoke suit or jacket.

In the last few years, men and women have returned to tailoring. A new generation is seeking craftsmanship and a distinctive style of dress that doesn’t compromise on cut, colour and style. The Regent bespoke service incorporates the essence of our brand to provide affordable tailoring options that retain the highest quality, expertise and traditional touches of classic tailoring, whilst feeling contemporary and individual. For things to consider when commissioning a bespoke suit, look at our Tailoring Tipspage.

With over a decade of experience in tailoring, the Regent family pride themselves on maintaining simplicity with exceptional attention to detail. Whether it is a two- or three-piece suit, a tweed jacket or formal shirt, we always aim to create something that reflects our customer's personal style. Take a look through what we can offer for BusinessCountry and Special Occasions. And don't forget to read our customers' comments on our services.

Travelling Tailor

Our visiting tailoring service is strictly by appointment only. If you would like to discuss our travelling bespoke service contact us via this link. Please include a brief description of the services you require, your location and contact details. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

We often travel to Offices, Country Estates, and Military Mess’s for example. Previous visits for bespoke suits have included: Ascot, Henley and Greater London.

Tweed Country Game Suit

The Process

Our semi-bespoke tailoring service is typically completed in two or three appointments over five to seven weeks. Fully bespoke tailoring consists of far more appointments and takes a lot longer.

On the first appointment, we measure customers and talk them through all of their design requirements. This will include choosing the fabrics, linings and other basic aspects of the suit. This appointment typically lasts two hours. A deposit for the suit is requested at this stage. It is important that customers contact us in advance of their planned visit to ensure we have sufficient time to take measurements and go through the available options. We are fairly flexible on weekdays, and can sometimes arrange evening and weekend appointments, as needed and subject to availability. Regent also offer a travelling tailor service.

Between five and seven weeks after their initial appointment, customers have their second fitting. At this stage, the suit is almost complete, but minor adjustments to ensure a comfortable and pleasing fit can be made. A week later, the suit will be finished and ready for collection. At this point, the final bill will is settled. Click to review our tailoring price guide.

Essential Suit Care

To ensure the longevity of your suits, rotate them throughout the week for even wear. Try not to wear the same suit two days in a row. At the end of the day, hang the suit on a suitably thick hanger; this will allow it to breathe and return to its shape. Create a wardrobe that has a combination of heavier winter suits and lighter summer suits.

Consider buying a second pair of trousers for your suit as this will inevitably be the item that gets worn out the most and when removing your jacket in the office or in the car. When you do remove your jacket, be sure to hang it appropriately. Don’t be afraid to unpick the stitching across the pockets of your jacket, but do keep contents to a minimum so you don’t distort the pocket shape.

When it comes to cleaning, have your suits dry-cleaned as few a times as possible. Dry-cleaning weakens the fibre in the cloth. Instead, brush any dirt with a good quality clothes brush and use non-scented baby wipes to remove spot stains. To remove persistent creases, hang the suit in the bathroom and use the steam from a hot bath or shower to allow the creases to drop out. To retain the crease in trousers, steam press with a low-heat iron placing a cloth between to prevent the fabric underneath from becoming shiny.

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Bespoke Suits