Weddings, Special Occaisions and Country Clothing

We pride ourselves as being an expert and comprehensive tailor, stylist and stockistwhen it comes to weddings and special occasions that require a special outfit or a bit ofbespoke flair. We offer semi-bespoke suits and garments in a great range of styles to suitany and every big day coming your way. From entire groom or bridal parties to birthdayparties, black tie affairs, balls, executive weekends, shoots, dances and dos, Regent canoffer you a mixture of semi-bespoke, off-the-peg and branded products to clothe youfrom head to foot for the main event.

See below for more details on Weddings and Country Clothing. Take a look at ourWeddings Photo Gallery for an idea of what we’vedone and for some inspiration. We’re also able to discuss military suiting enquiries andrequirements should you need.


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At Regent, we take wedding preparations seriously whilst ensuring they’re as fun andstress-free as possible. Anyone can book a free 30-minute wedding consultation, andthen decide upon a further appointment: simply get in touch over the phone or via ourcontact page.

In the last few years, an increasing amount of attention at weddings has focused on thegroom's clothes: gone are the days when only a rented suit was available – today'sgrooms are looking for tailoring that exudes their personality and tops the theme of thespecial day.

We can offer you two approaches for your big day. We can create a semi-bespoke suitwith you that’s designed to work on your wedding day and then flexibly for a number ofother future occasions, ensuring that the suit keeps you going beyond a specific day’suse. We also have a terrific array of unique, beautifully tailored off-the-peg suits for acheaper but still dazzling approach to your outfit: we can help pair your jacket with ashirt, trousers, shoes and accessories to create the perfect wedding day look.

We can help you choose whether you’re after a semi-bespoke suit or an off-the-peg number: you can provide us with an overall budget and we can adapt to fit it. We stock a huge number of gifts, accessories and essential wedding items such as ties, cufflinks and pocket squares to ensure your visit to Regent is a one-stop shop.

We’ve accrued a wealth of expertise and are always on-trend with the latest wedding looks. For the popular countryside look we offer a great selection of waistcoats, chinos or even three-piece tweed suits; we have some spectacular dinner jackets, classic mourning coats and military-tradition suits; we’ve got lightweight linen and cotton suits for weddings in hotter climes, and we’ve got the perfect, classic navys, blues and greys for those timeless suits that you’ll wear again and again.

Popular for country weddings, a more casual approach is pairing ‘separates’ together, such as a tweed waistcoat or checked shirt, braces and formal trousers. If this option appeals, it may be worth considering a bespoke jacket, shirt or even tartan trews for a perfect tailored item that’s still going to make an impact. This also provides for an effective way of dressing the groomsmen with matching waistcoats or accessories. Whatever our customers choose, from a classic three-piece to a crisp black tuxedo, we are able to tailor a look that will be equally as special as the day.

We stock the perfect white shirt for the classic wedding look, and we have belts, braces, ties and waistcoats to match any combination of jacket and trouser.

Check out the ‘Weddings’ section on our Testimonials page for some feedback from our satisfied customers.

Country Clothing

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Regent have a well-grounded knowledge of countryside attire, styles and suits, and across the years we’ve developed an expertise in all kinds of country clothing, from tweed suits and shooting jackets to wellingtons, waistcoats, outdoorswear and rustic shabby chic. We can offer semi-bespoke suits for shoots and events.

From smart shirts with country checks and flat caps featuring Loval Mill tweed to woven silk fox-patterned ties, duck-patterned pocket squares, boots, thick wool and shooting socks, wool vest liners and Barbour and Boarder Jackets, we have a great deal in stock that’s traditional whilst retaining a contemporary flair.

A country suit must provide warmth and comfort in a practical and elegant style. Tweed jackets offer a great deal of versatility and provide a quintessentially British smart-casual look, especially when worn with chinos or jeans. A heavyweight Shoot Coat can fend off the worst of the weather. Regent has produced bespoke garments for several country and shooting estates: we’re therefore able to combine our expertise with a vast range of traditional tweeds to provide customers with something unique for the shooting season.