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Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Regent proudly supports The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. See below for more information, how you can get involved and how you can support the cause.807,000 men dying every year. It’s got to change. 

A combined total of 807,000 men die every year from prostatecancer (307,000) and suicide (500,000). Each year, in the month of September,Jason Regent rides out on his Triumph Scrambler to help raise money for acharity that seeks to turn the tide on these figures.



On a certain day across theworld, impeccably tailored gentlemen ride classic motorcycles in the face ofprostate cancer and to raise funds for the treatment of men’s mental health inthe name of the great Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.



Men’s health is something wetake tremendously seriously here at Regent, and in particular, men’s mentalwellbeing. Three out of four suicides are, sadly, men, proving that there’ssome urgent deconstruction needed for what it means to be a man in today’sworld. Men who struggle with mental health issues often believe they have tolive up to some standard of “manliness”, needing to ‘go it alone’, not talkingabout how they’re feeling






At Regent, we take pride in ourfriendly and supportive shop atmosphere, understanding that talking about howyou feel, what you’re aspiring to and how you want to present yourself is absolutelykey to looking and feeling your best, and we support the DistinguishedGentlemen’s Ride because it is a huge, real, positive manifestation ofsolidarity, proving that you’re never on your own.




At the core of what makes us takemen’s fashion so seriously is the belief that you dress the way you want to beaddressed: that dressing well is a psychological booster and motivator, givingyou confidence and pride in how you’re living and going about your day-to-daywork. We believe that helping people to find their style isn’t only a matter offun (though it certainly should be that too) but also a serious way to helpthem feel their best.



Chosen Charity