Our Experience

At Regent we have been offering our semi-bespoke service to customers for over a decade. From suits worn by CBE recipients in front of King Charles, to jackets for the board of a yachting club notorious for their attention to detail, and innumerable wedding suits, we really have seen it all. Over this time we have developed a wealth of knowledge in all areas of tailoring, and fostered contacts at some of the finest cloth makers around. With this in mind, our semi-bespoke service really can deliver exactly what you need. 

We have made many business suits for all manner of customers ranging from young graduates needing a suit for their first job, to senior executives. At its core these suits are an expression of elegance and professionalism, and help to make a memorable impression.

Thanks to our Salisbury location and beautiful surrounding countryside Regent also have experience in tailoring away from the city. We have a catalogue of experience in making country-style clothing, including shooting suits for local landowners and their gamekeepers, even from their own family tweed. We can also make tweed jackets and suits that will serve no function on an estate, but are just needed for a more country aesthetic. See our Country Clothing page for further information.

With many years of suiting parties and weddings under our belts wedding customers still often thrown us unique requirements for their special day, but also benefit from our knowledge and advice. We can also kit you out in morning dress or a dinner suit for a more strict dress code, though of course there is always room to make you something truly individual. Keep in mind that we carry our own morning suit trouser and selection of waistcoats, if a bespoke morning coat is all you require.

Whether your needs are listed above or you have something truly unique in mind (we have even made a denim suit in the past) Regent will be able to help. Please get in touch via our contact page.

In addition to our bespoke service we also carry our own range of ready-to-wear jacketstrousers and suits.