Bespoke Ladies

Regent has a long and distinctive history in women’s bespoke made-to-measure as it does men’s. We have garnered a wealth of
expertise and a unique repertoire in styling and patterns over the years.

Alongside our bespoke shirt service available for women, we also offer semi-bespoke service for skirts, jackets, and trousers. If you are looking for a slightly more individual and unique piece to add to your closet, please contact us to arrange a consultation. Ralph Lauren, whose designs combine city chic and country casual, is a particularly strong influence on Jason’s tailoring, although Jason will guide you through the bespoke process to tailor each piece to your style and aesthetics.

At the consultation we will guide you through the tailoring process to find a style and silhouette that most suits you,
by taking your measurements, and discussing the style and cut of your garment, we will create your personalised tailoring pattern. We will then talk you through our range of fabrics available. Many of our female customers enjoy
selecting their own fabrics in advance of a consultation. Stores like Liberty have a particularly diverse range of patterns and fabrics. If you already have lengths of cloth or fabric, these can be used to create your semi-bespoke pieces.

The prices listed here are a good place to start but for a more detailed quote give us a ring in store or contact us below:

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