Men’s Fashion Trends 2022


A simple breakdown of the more realistic, everyday and accessible thinking on what to wear in 2022


Oh, hello 2022: we hope you’ll be a little more of an upbeat and exciting year than the one before you… 

If this new year’s predicted menswear fashion trends are anything to go by, it certainly seems like we’re (fingers crossed) in for a better one all round!

Fashion trends for men can move fast and, as such, perhaps feel a little overwhelming - even pointless - at times. Whisper it, but… we tend to agree! That’s why this blog will ignore all the sleeveless vests, tunics and velvet jumpsuits that some of the big media outlets tend to get excited about, and distil 2022’s fashion trends and top tips into manageable, affordable, gentle and relatable proportions.

We’ll take a slightly broader and more accessible scope to things, looking at the dynamic shifts in office-wear, the eternal smart-casual question and some practical, shop-able looks - as well as some ethical questions to hold in mind when doing that shopping.

So, don’t panic - ditch that all-in-one summer leather outfit they’ve been recommending you - and take a look into the crystal ball… 


The Headlines 

Let’s start, like any news channel worth its salt, with the headlines: taking the cultural temperature, especially after such a tumultuous few years.

Covid has, for sure, shaken up menswear trends, same as it has done with everything else. The upshot is this: after two years of everyone gradually letting themselves go, style-wise - a t-shirt instead of a shirt here, a pair of sports shirts hidden from the Zoom camera there - 2022 is seeing a return to the smart. 

This is something that’s come up again and again in the bespoke personal styling appointments which Jason Regent offers to clients and shoppers: first-hand intel from you guys! 

People are done with scruffiness: they’re itching to take the increasing return to normality, heading back out into the world, as an opportunity to do so in an authoritative, definitive style: one that’s proud to be smart, slick and well-defined. What does this mean? Well…

  1. Smart jackets and blazers are in for casual events, big-time: for everything from the pub to a first date to a night on the town.
  2. Go for the smarter end of the smart-casual shirt: Oxford button-downs and smart patterns are being opted for over zany or quirky styles
  3. Polo-shirts are proving popular, especially for the transition from spring--summer.
  4. Have no fear: people aren't afraid to try something singular as their style-signifier. Think a casual suit paired with trainers or boots, or a statement shirt or jacket that your friends will know you by.
  5. Well-heeled: smart shoes are back with a bang: black loafers, boots and monks are getting paired with casually-cut but office-inspired trousers and chinos


There were plenty of media-frenzy articles wondering whether Covid spelled the end of days for the suit. Whilst some celebrated this potential extinction, many lamented it: a gentleman’s suit is not - and does not have to be - purely signifying of the drudgery of the work day. Think of James Stewart as George Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life: suits that are everyday style-signifiers of grace, goodwill and charm.

Well, whatever your stance, the suit is here to stay. People have realised that, actually, yes, you still do need a suit. Meetings, presentations, even business travelling; weddings, parties, special occasions: all times when a suit is utterly necessary.

The difference is, for 2022, that people are tending towards just the one suit that fits every purpose. This links in with the year’s other key trends such as style-signifying pieces, capsule wardrobes and sustainability.

So what you want is a suit that is adaptable, individual and beautiful. Ideally, the jacket and trousers can be worn separately, as well as together, which takes us on to…


A smart jacket or blazer and a smart pair of trousers (our money’s on the chino - see below) are crucial for where 2022’s heading with menswear. 

Because of the uptick in smartness and the revolt against the scruffy, tailored separates - smart, tailored or tailor-adjacent clothes that can be worn with other, but not necessarily matching, garments - are a key weapon in a gent’s fashion arsenal this coming year.

Any suit with a pair of black or grey trousers - ideally wool or cotton - are ace, because the trousers can be worn with a smart shirt (without tie) or even a t-shirt, to keep up with the East London cool kids’ look nowadays. 

Alternatively, something bold like a corduroy suit works well too, as the trousers look great by themselves, as does the jacket.


The above all means that the chino comes out as the reigning champ in 2022. What’s there not to love about this smart (but casual-capable), comfortable, versatile trouser?

Wrangler and Monkee Genes are two brands that do beautifully-made chinos in a range of cuts and colours. Crucially, they come at affordable prices. Chinos are an everyday capsule wardrobe essential: stash away the jeans for now, and keep it smart.


With an ever-growing awareness about what fast-fashion is doing to our planet, no 2022 trend is worth its salt without carrying eco-awareness and sustainability as it’s core. 

Try and buy British-made to reduce your carbon footprint, and do your research into each brand and company’s sustainability pledge. 

There’s an ever-increasing and exciting range of clothing made partly or entirely from recycled materials: take pride in buying something that’s had a life before you, and think about all that water and energy you’ll be saving by not buying something with brand-new cotton, wool, etc. There are even garments made using recycled plastic fibres. Join the revolution: it needs you.


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