Regent's Spotlight Outfit: The Blazer and How to Wear It

If you could invest in one piece of clothing for the lifting of lockdown and the exciting, uncertain new world we’re heading into, what would it be?

In the Red Corner: Regent firmly fighting the case of the beloved British blazer: artful, stylish, smart and insanely versatile. Here’s why we’re championing this timeless, subversive, beautiful garment.


Blaze of Glory

It looks like things are finally getting better. We are (fingers firmly crossed) on the way out of lockdown for the last time, but we’re coming back out into a new world, a changed world. It’s for this reason that many people have been asking us what to invest in style-wise: people are after something that will keep them safe, strong and covered for a variety of events, a garment to meet the ending of lockdown and all the tribulations, celebrations – and trials – it might bring.

After giving it some thought, we’ve decided that the blazer embodies the spirit of these new times, and we wanted to say a few words about why.

The blazer is, first and foremost, a hybrid, a middle way, a flexible and versatile beast. Smarter than a jacket, less formal than a suit, it’s disarming, quirky (in a timeless, robust way – the same way a David Bowie song or a Wes Anderson film is quirky) but has its roots deep in tradition. 

It’s for these reasons we think it’s the go-to garment for getting out of lockdown: you can wear it to and for everything, everywhere, everyone. From job interviews to making an impression back in the office; first dates or celebratory meals out with loved ones; parties, soirees, picnics, summer ambles and weekends away, the blazer’s got your back.

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