The Admiralty shirt is a classic and historic shirt that has been made by Yarmouth Oilskins for nearly 100 years. A shirt that was traditionally worn by factory workers and farm hands, it was crafted for durability, comfort and mobility. 

    The shirt is a cotton & linen blend from a twill weave cloth, which with every wash and wear will look better and better. It truly is an everyday shirt ready for what life throws at you! The buttons are made from a milk casein, made in England. Perfect paired with Yarmouth work trousers in natural for that vintage maritime look. Available from our Yarmouth collection. 


    Yarmouth Oilskins have been doing their thing for over 100 years now, and it hasn't had to change much since the start: still making the best-quality, authentic workwear products in the same factory in Great Yarmouth, UK with a team of 20 craftspeople they've had with them for the past 25 years. Working with British manufacturers and suppliers wherever possible, Yarmouth Oilskins are authentic home-grown wonders, creating traditional workwear garments built to last and built to work, all with a 21st century spin to their styling. Exquisite stuff. We love 'em.

Key Features
  • Twill Weave - 100% Cotton & Linen Blend 
  • Natural, Biodegradable Material
  • Collarless
  • Simple band collar 
  • Modelled on traditional 1920's/30's workwear 
  • Half front placket 
  • Codelite Buttons made from milk casein
  • Sustainable buttons
  • Made in England
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