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Truefitt & Hill - Wellington Badger Shaving Brush - Ebony

Truefitt & Hill - Wellington Badger Shaving Brush - Ebony

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From Truefitt and Hill's Wellington collection of grooming accessories, a badger hair shaving brush with a faux ebony handle.

Truefitt & Hill's shaving brushes are hand weighed and hand knotted using the finest quality badger hair and combined with lathe turned and hand polished handles. At Regent we stock the super badger quality shaving brushes, made with the finer hair from the back of the badger, a long and soft hair. Badger hair is renowned for it's water absorbing qualities, the more water the brush holds, the richer the lather will be, and a thicker, more emollient lather means a smoother shave.

A badger hair brush is a natural product that with loving care should last ten to fifteen years. When you get a new brush it is quite natural for a few loose hairs to come away from the brush in the first few weeks; these are shorter hairs that did not quite reach to the glue in the base and this should not be a cause for concern.

To care for the brush, after shaving, rinse the brush gently but thoroughly in clean water, flick the excess water away and place the brush in a stand with the hair pointing down. If you do not have a stand, leave the brush pointing up rather than horizontal, so that air can get to all the hairs and dry the brush naturally.

Key Features:

  • Genuine handmade badger brush
  • Brush in faux ebony
  • Mach 3 razor
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