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Stanley - Master Series Flask

Stanley - Master Series Flask

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Stanley, with over 100 years of wittling, expertise and savvy, are the real-deal when it comes to the art of the thermos. They've perfected the ultimate, highly durable flasks and mugs with their own lifetime warranties that boast hours and hours worth of heat retainment. These are invaluable companions for anything from your morning coffee (that'll stay hot and fresh out the kitchen right up until that 8pm deadline) to a fresh cup of tea halfway up a mountainside or a refresher on a mammoth trek.

This Master Vacuum Bottle is the absolute tippy-top, keeping liquids hot for a whopping 40 hours to keep you safe and prepared for any kind of trip. It can keep things nice and icy for a tremendous 16 hours, plus will keep something frozen solid for two days, making it the perfect reserve vehicle for a refreshing tipple on a long camping trip, or even a nifty item for a music festival. It's dishwasher safe too, meaning super easy-maintenance. This is a serious vacuum bottle that's top of its game and ridiculously useful.

Key Features

  • Keeps liquid hot for 40 hours
  • Keeps liquids cool for 26 hours
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 1.3l Capacity
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