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Slavic Kitchen Alchemy - Zuza Zah

Slavic Kitchen Alchemy - Zuza Zah

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By Zuza Zah 



This guide, written by Zuza Zak, draws upon the traditions and folk remedies passed down to her by her two Polish grandmothers. Incorporating beautiful illustrations, this treasure trove contains ancient Eastern European rituals and remedies to bring joy and gentleness to your life. It also serves as a practical notebook, guiding you season by season towards a more natural, Earth-centered way of living that nourishes both body and mind. Discover natural remedies like Broad-leaved Plantain for healing cuts and grazes, or a Chamomile Bath to promote relaxation and optimism. Explore homemade beauty products, including an Oat Bundle Skin Cleanser and a Lilac Body Oil for glowing skin and heightened intuition. Honor the changing seasons with rituals like a Sage Cleaning Spray for spring cleaning or crafting Wildflower Wreaths to celebrate the freedom of summer. Nourish yourself with delicious recipes like Elderflower Cake for a boost to your immunity and spirit, or Wild Summer Pierogi for a joyful afternoon of dumpling making


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