Rototo bring you the bandana patterned crew sock, inspired by vintage patterns this sock has been knitted with a low gauge machine to ensure quality and give it that thicker feel.

    Made from organic cotton and in a grey/ivory colourway, the detail on the knit pattern speaks for itself and this would compliment any look from casual to smart.

    Rototo socks are made in Japan by a group of age-old sock masters that pay careful consideration to the composition and craft of every pair, using a mixture of old-fashioned and contemporary manufacturing methods depending on the colours and materials to bring out the best in every sock. Every pair is perfectly balanced to offer a strong aesthetic and the utmost functionality, based on the Japanese principle of ‘lifelong consumables’.

Key Features
  • Ivory/Navy
  • Made in Japan
  • 92% Cotton, 6% Nylon, 2% Polyurethane
  • Code R1397
  • Size Medium UK 6-8
  • Size Large - UK 9-11
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