A pair of burgundy-coloured silk braces decorated with crisp-white, playful skull n’ crossbones for a roguish finish. Made in the UK for Regent, Albert Thurston use a unique wool boxcloth fabric that’s woven in Yorkshire. The braces are finished perfectly with nickel fittings and black leather ends, and are supplied with brace buttons for your trousers. Y-style in design, the braces sport two points at the front and one in the middle back. The plum is rich, lustrous and fit for a king, whilst the skull and crossbones lend a charming touch of difference to your outfit. Albert Thurston have been making gentlemen's accessories for over 180 years, supplying braces to princes, kings and game-changers across those decades, and their collaboration with Regent has yielded some dazzling examples of our tradition-with-a-twist ethos. Braces are a great way to finish off your outfit, whether you're going for the Peaky Blinders/Tom Hardy look, or wearing them to put the final touch to a great suit, they're a fantastic investment and give you that extra push toward the perfect gentlemanly look. We stock braces in size Large and Extra Large so that they can be shortened to the desired length.

Key Features
  • Y Style bracers
  • Leather ends for a more secure hold
  • Adjustable length
  • Made in England

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