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Regent - Classic Dinner Suit - Black Wool 400g with Grosgrain Silk - Dugdale Bros.

Regent - Classic Dinner Suit - Black Wool 400g with Grosgrain Silk - Dugdale Bros.

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Regent present the classic dinner jacket suit, honed to perfection. Made from an exquisite, 400g lustrous black Dugdale cloth, it's suave, smart and luxurious. The silk is grained, which gives it a visible slub for a classy, textural finish. There's a peak lapel, jetted pockets and a four button cloth to give it a classic look and feel. The lining is a rich navy blue, and the trousers continue with the grained ribbed silk down the leg side for a carefully thought out finish. 

This is the ultimate dinner jacket suit, perfect for every smart occasion, and something every gentleman should own. A sound investment, its expertly cut, durably made and wondrously comfortable. Get ready to party.

Regent suits have a slim yet comfortable silhouette for a contemporary look that is at home in the boardroom as it is at a bar. The jacket has a slightly narrower lapel, remaining slim through the sleeve and retaining a subtle shape in the side seams. This fit is mirrored in the trousers which are generous in the waist but slightly narrower through the thigh: our trousers have unfinished bottoms so as to be tailored to your leg length.

Key Features


  • Black Dugdale cloth
  • Grained Silk Detailing
  • Peak Lapel Grained Silk
  • Jetted Pockets
  • Cuff Four Button Covered Cuff
  • Navy Blue Lining
  • Floating Canvas


  • Grained Silk Gallon
  • Side Adjusters
  • Buttons for Braces


Jacket: based on a 40 suit 

  • Jacket length 77cm,
  • Sleeve length 63.5cm,
  • Half circumference 52.5cm.


  • Half bottom width 21.5cm.
  • Half waist measurement 45.5cm




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