These marled, rustic and beautiful socks from Regent will demand to be flashed, dazzled and displayed under a rolled up trouser hem: they're not just socks, but a bona fide part of your outfit. The marled wintry blue gives the socks a charming, timeless and hardy character, and the mostly cotton make-up of them ensures they're mightily cosy and ready for winter. These are perfect winter warmers that aren't just supremely soft and snug, but excellent-looking and ready to complement your outfit.

Key Features

  • 80% Cotton | 20% Acrylic
  • One Size Fits 7 - 10.5

Jason's Fitting & Sizing Advice

Feel free to message Jason via the Whatsapp Chat button on the bottom right of your screen, and he can send more pictures of the product and answer any questions you might have about size, styling, fit, colour, etc

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