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Regent - 'Badger' Chukka Boots - Brown Suede

Regent - 'Badger' Chukka Boots - Brown Suede

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This momentous 'Badger' desert boot - so called thanks to its badger-like stripe of darker, conker suede down the heel - shares all the toughness, cunning and adaptability of its animal namesake and is a true gem in the desert boot catalogue. It is highly flexible, able to be added to a suit for a bit of subversive sartorial flare or to be worn with a pair of jeans for the ultimate killer casual look, and it'll last you for life thanks to its thorough, fully-thought-out design. This is the kind of boot which, once invested in, will run and run, never letting you down or leaving you in the fashion-lurch.

It's fully welted, with a classic British Dainite sole, rubber studded for ultimate grip and protection. The sole is commando, meaning it has all the benefits of sturdy, everlasting rubber whilst retaining the look and impression of smart leather. The boots come with two sets of laces and, for that final gentlemen's touch, are able to be equipped with a blakey, to make that authoritative entrance.


Key Features:

  • Three Eyelet Chukka Boot.
  • Soft Suede Upper.
  • Goodyear Welted Dainite Sole.
  • Made in England.
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