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Regent- Hipflask - 8oz - Waxed Leather - Brown

Regent- Hipflask - 8oz - Waxed Leather - Brown

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This is the exemplary trusty hipflask from Regent, crafted with refreshing swigs and watertight forays from suit pockets in mind. The leather is a lovely rusty blaze wax, meaning it's sturdy, looks timeless and ages excellently, too. The Regent Skipper butterfly is lightly embosses on the bottom corner, to give it that final dash of familiar elegance.


Whether slotted into your cartridge pouch for a shoot, or slipped into your suit pocket for an evening out, the modern hip flask – often burnished in fine leather and inscribed with a quip – has it’s own spirit: like a personal sprite or imp, it sits in your jacket fuelling you with a sense of adventure. 


The inside of a melon – yessir, whenever you sneak a swig from your favourite trusty hip flask, remember that this is where it all started when, in the Middle Ages, folk would carve out the insides of fruits to store their liquor in for carrying. Indeed, this quirky, semi-secretive and crafty spirit has been borne through the evolution of the hip flask across the ages, where it’s now become a beloved, intimate and crucial item for any gentlemen of leisure who keeps his drink close to his heart.


Key Features



  • 8 oz sizing
  • Made In UK
  • Waxed Brown Leather 
  • Regent Butterfly Stamp 


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