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Regent and Aero Leather - A2 Bomber Jacket - Brown Steerhide

Regent and Aero Leather - A2 Bomber Jacket - Brown Steerhide

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This piece is the result of a unique collaboration between Regent and Aero Leather, bringing together Aero’s world-class build-quality with Regent’s singular designer vision. The result is a beautiful contemporary twist on the iconic A2 Bomber Jacket that retains the original’s emphasis on comfort and easy movement.

Aero Leather are a world-class and world-famous leather jacket supplier famous for the careful handcrafting of each of their individual pieces, so that every one is the result of a labour of love and pride. Regent, inspired by the classic, old-hero cool of Steve McQueen and Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones series, set out to design a jacket that did justice to the adventurous, ready-for-anything attitude of the folk who’ll wear it. His vision results in a bomber that is equal parts style signifier and friend for life: a piece that weathers anything, looking and feeling better and better with every challenge you put it through.

The jacket is made from Steerhide Leather, both the softest feeling and most durable type in its class, with a cosy Blue Moon tweed lining, adding to the general feel of subtle, sartorial timelessness that sets this bomber far apart from others. It is well fitted to avoid dwarfing the figure (the way many others of its kind often do), and it has an elasticised waist and cuffs for extra comfort. The final touch is a fur colour that is as ready to be turned up cosily against the elements as it is to be worn down and admired, with that irresistible have-to-run-your-hands-through-it softness.

This is a bomber like no other, with all the durability and protection associated with these famously tough pieces and none of the bagginess or flashiness that so often undermines them. In short, it’s a jacket fit for a true, modern day McQueen, ready to accompany you through any adventure that comes your way.

Regent can offer a made to measure service with any Aero Leather products.


  • Steerhide Leather
  • Blue Moon Tweed
  • Made in Scotland
  • Elasticised Waist

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