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Niwaki - Gardening Gloves - Grey - Nitrile with Nylon/Spandex Lining

Niwaki - Gardening Gloves - Grey - Nitrile with Nylon/Spandex Lining

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Flexible, easy-use garden gloves with breathable nylon-spandex liner and nitrile coating by Japanese-inspired Gardening experts Niwaki. Offering great grip and flexible movement, these are the perfect gardening gloves for everyday chores around your beloved slice of Eden, from pruning and planting to potting and border work. Not suitable for the heavy duty stuff, but excellent for things where you need care and precision, avoiding that clunky, clumsy feel you can sometimes get with gardening gloves. Great for the naturally green-fingered!

Key Features

  • 15G Nylon/Spandex Liner
  • Black Micro Foam Nitrile Coating
  • Abrasion and Oil Resistance
  • Medium (Green Cuff) is Size 8 (8CM)
  • Large (Brown Cuff) is Size 9 (9CM)
  • Extra-Large (Yellow Cuff) is Size 10 (10CM)

Jason's Notes on Niwaki

I recommend moving up a size if you're in doubt/sitting in the middle, though some people prefer a tighter fit for ultra-precise dexterity! This is one of my favourite brands - authentic, Japanese-made tools and clothes that feature the precision and care inherent in that country's culture.

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