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Nite Ize - S - Biner Dual Carabiner #10

Nite Ize - S - Biner Dual Carabiner #10

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This "S" shaped plastic carabiner offers the convenience of dual gates, making it perfect for organizing various items such as shopping bags, lawn tools, and gear. With its wide 2.25" gates, it can easily clip and secure bulky or awkward items like paint cans or shopping bags. Use it for carrying, DIY projects, or organisation - it's designed to fit around lawn tool handles, stroller handles, and closet rods. However, please use caution as this product is not suitable for activities such as climbing.

Ideal for storing, organising and hanging.

Key Features:

  • ‎26.49 x 12.7 x 1.57 cm
  • 178.6 g
  • Size : #10
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