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Mowgli - Street Food

Mowgli - Street Food

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By Nisha Katona 


In 2014, lawyer Nisha Katona couldn't shake the idea of creating a restaurant that served the flavorful and comforting food of Indian homes and streets. The original Mowgli location in Liverpool opened to rave reviews and gained a devoted following. Now, you too can enjoy the Mowgli experience with a delightful mix of recipes and tales from the beloved street food spot. Treat yourself to unique snacks like Fenugreek Kissed Fries and a Masala Wrap, and add some spice to your meals with a variety of mouthwatering dahls. Learn the secrets behind popular dishes like the Angry Bird and House Lamb Curry, and indulge in sweet treats like Cardamom Custard Tart and Sweet Delhi Diazepam. With Mowgli's famous menu offerings like the Chip Butty and Yogurt Chat Bombs, and new favorites like Mother Butter Chicken and Calcutta Tangled Greens, you'll have everything you need to recreate the magic of Mowgli in your own kitchen.





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