Now on their seventh studio album, Metronomy have become known for a brand of electronic indie pop that characterised the mid-00s. While many bands of the same era have changed beyond recognition or disappeared entirely, Metronomy, led by frontman Joe Mount, have honed their craft and owned the genre. Small World is more stripped back and sombre than their previous outings, speaking of simpler pleasures and asking deep existential questions.


    If you're already a Metronomy convert you'll feel the sense of maturity in this album and Mount's writing. If you have not yet been inducted, Small World is a great place to start.


    Limited Edition Transparent Vinyl.


Tracklist Information

    Side One

    Life and Death - 3:00

    Things Will Be Fine - 3:30

    It's Good To Be Back - 3:53

    Loneliness On The Run - 3:39

    Side Two


    Love Factory - 5:03

    I Lost My Mind - 5:05

    Right On Time - 3:44

    Hold Me Tonight (ft. Porridge Radio) - 3:31

    I Have Seen Enough - 3:32


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