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Fulton - Mayfair No. 1 Umbrella - Black with Wood Handle

Fulton - Mayfair No. 1 Umbrella - Black with Wood Handle

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High performance luxury walking umbrella from Fulton in black with a wooden handle and lightweight, flexible, wind-resistant fibreglass frame. Stately, streamlined and elegant, the fastening that keeps it light when packed down is easy and sturdy. This is an umbrella for a gentlemen: a bit of a statement piece as well as a perfect ally against unpredictable weather. The fibreglass frame is light and high-tech, meaning you'll be able to tackle those windy days unflappably. 

Key Features

  • High Performance Umbrella
  • Lightweight and flexible fibreglass frame
  • Smooth automatic open mechanism
  • Comfortable wood handle
  • Luxury poly-cotton fabric
  • Umbrella measures 90cm long when closed
  • Span when open 100cm - Approx

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