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DENTS - Delta - Classic Leather Driving Gloves - Cork/Black

DENTS - Delta - Classic Leather Driving Gloves - Cork/Black

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These Delta driving gloves are one of Dent's signature products. Elegant, bold expertly made, the Delta is an enduring classic for discerning gentleman. 


This product is made from Hairsheep leather - a sheep that grows hair, rather than wool. It has natural strength and elasticity, and the fine hair leaves no markings, resulting in a smoother leather. They are also unlined, which gives a closer, better grip.


Dents have been producing handmade gloves from some of the world's finest leather since 1777. Most of the leather they use is a by-product of the food, wool and dairy industries and sustainably sourced.



Use a fabric tape measure round the widest part of your dominant hand, excluding the thumb to get your hand measurement. If you are between sizes, round down to the nearest whole or half number.

S (7.5 or 8) - 19 to 20.5cm or 7.5 to 8"

M (8.5 or 9) - 21.5 to 23cm or 8.5 to 9"

L (9.5 or 10) - 24 to 26cm or 9.5 to 10"

XL (10.5 or 11) - 27 to 28.5cm or 10.5 to 11"

XXL (11.5) - 29.5cm or 11.5"

Key Features

  • Hairsheep Leather
  • Unlined for closer fit
  • Half pique stitching
  • Dents stud fastener
  • Elasticated inner wrist
  • Slim fit
  • 5-1011 


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