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Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray

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This Sea Salt Spray is a thing of genius, offering all the styling possibilities of a clay without any of the grease or faff. You can get that lovely beach-hair feel every morning, with the spray working subtly to hold any look you form it into. It's designed to work on its own or together with other Dapper Dan products in order to add a naturalistic, subtler look. Simply spray onto damp hair and leave to dry for a natural matte texture, or blowdry into your hair to create thickness, volume and hold. To top it off, the spray has a classic sandalwood scent to keep you refreshed and feeling fly throughout the day. Dapper Dan was founded in Sheffield in 2011, born out of a frustration with the chaotic array of gents' grooming products on offer, none of which ever seemed to do everything you needed. Now, they've spent the past years perfecting their range of no-nonsense, versatile and brilliant hair and grooming products, sticking close to their belief that a few simple products will get you through your days in good nick and looking dapper.


  • Matte Finish 
  • 200ml
  • Made in England 
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