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Dapper Dan High Hold Low Shine Matt Paste

Dapper Dan High Hold Low Shine Matt Paste

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Dapper Dan was founded in Sheffield in 2011, born out of a frustration with the chaotic array of gents' grooming products on offer, none of which ever seemed to do everything you needed. Now, they've spent the past years perfecting their range of no-nonsense, versatile and brilliant hair and grooming products, sticking close to their belief that a few simple products will get you through your days in good nick and looking dapper. This is the original, flagship product from Dapper Dan, who assure you that 'you won't find a better or more versatile matt styler. This one's for everything: messy styles, partings, quiffs, mohicans - it can handle it all. Miraculously both strong and flexible, it's easy to apply and washes out just as easily, so you don't have that greasy headed morning feel, nor do you have to keep washing your hair over vigorously and losing all its natural goodness. The fragrance is that of vintage cologne, something to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day and lovely for whoever gets near you...

Key Features

  • Strong hold, flexible crafting
  • Fragranced
  • Water soluble



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