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Dapper Dan Hair and Body Shampoo

Dapper Dan Hair and Body Shampoo

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Dapper Dan was founded in Sheffield in 2011, born out of a frustration with the chaotic array of gents' grooming products on offer, none of which ever seemed to do everything you needed. Now, they've spent the past years perfecting their range of no-nonsense, versatile and brilliant hair and grooming products, sticking close to their belief that a few simple products will get you through your days in good nick and looking dapper.
With a luxury feel and a classic scent, this shampoo is great and no-nonsense: perfect to whip up into a lather and wash every inch of you. Containing vitamin b5 to strengthen and protect your hair, it's an allrounder, quick, simple and healthy. No more faffing with conditioners and chemicals.

Key Features

  • Contains Vitamin B5
  • Standard Shampoo for all hair types



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