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Anti-Oculus: A Philosophy of Escape - Acid Horizon - Paperback

Anti-Oculus: A Philosophy of Escape - Acid Horizon - Paperback

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Anti-Oculus is a psychedelic trip through the eyes of power, exploring avenues of escaping systems of control in our cyberpunk reality.

Anti-Oculus is a work of conceptual espionage: an assemblage of polemical tracts complete with a gallery of graphic illustrations inspired by postmodern and pulp classics from Anti-Oedipus to Ways of Seeing.

Through the concept of "Ocularity", the 
Acid Horizon crew trace the political, medical, and historical ways power sees us through its categories of control and counter-insurgency.

From the thermodynamics of policing in the cyberpunk present, to the psychiatric colonization of the image, to bodies that "go astray" in an increasingly reactionary society; 
Anti-Oculus maps out the ways we are captured under the eyes of cyber-capital, and provokes us to find each other in pursuit of emancipation, community, and new forms of life.

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