Valentine's Day: How to Dress for a Date

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It's that time of year again: romance is In the air and everyone's wondering how to dress to impress a date and express their personality. Regent walk you through some failsafe outfit ideas for your Valentine's, whether it's a first date or the honouring of a long-term relationship - plus a range of gift ideas for him on the special day

Working out what to wear for a special date is not always easy: it's easy to overthink things and end up wearing clothes or trying out styles that make you feel uncomfortable or constantly wondering whether you've over or under-done it. You want to set out of your front door knowing that you won't have to think about your outfit again for the rest of the night. Grabbing something fresh for your wardrobe can be a great way to boost self-confidence on a first date, and to show a long-term partner that you're still keen to impress: there's nothing more romantic than a little bit of surprise. Below, we outline a few outfit ideas that are smart, classic, comfortable and reliable, ready for some Valentine's inspiration. Sneaky hint: these would all make great gifts for him, too! It can be fun to dress up your partner for a special occasion, or to offer a wonderful new garment or accessory as a gift to expand his fashion palette.

To keep it smart, dashing and striking, it's hard to go wrong with a well-cut blazer dressed with a pair of avant-garde chinos to keep things edgy and balance the look. Pairing block colours is a good tip, here: you'll stand out without looking overdressed. A shirt of a plain block colour underneath the blazer shows your date you're taking this seriously, and you can easily sport something playful and contemporary, like a Portuguese Flannel shirt or a Herringbone pattern to add extra texture.

Crew neck jumpers are excellent Valentine's date staples: they're pretty much the ultimate smart-casual garment. Comfortable and breathable, great-looking with a shirt or a t-shirt, they'll ground your look and, with a bold colour choice, offer a bit of room for personal flair and taste. Something in Merino Wool or Cashmere offers an additional tactile bonus in case things get intimate later on...

Sporting a contemporary brand can signal a subtle savviness that's great to impress on a first date. An Armor Lux Breton striped shirt is a playful but smart way of being yourself: soft, comfy and well-cut, they're great if you want to push the boat out. Try a pair of YMC Chinos for a more contemporary cut of trouser: slightly straighter and wider in the leg, this cut is bang on trend. A combo like this signals adventurousness paired with contemporary style: surely a winning combo and one that's easy to sustain after the your initial Valentine's outing. 

Ludwig Reiter - Trainer - Black - Regent Tailoring
Regent - Polo Belt - Embroidered - Leather - Burgundy and Navy - Regent Tailoring

Finish things off with a great pair of shoes and a style-signifying accessory like a belt. Shoes maketh the man, and will be something that a date can clock surprisingly quickly, so it's worth getting it right. A pair of Ludwig Reiter trainers walk the line perfectly between impeccably smart and shabby trainer chic, working excellently with a wide range of outfits. An accessory like a belt can offer a standout touch to an otherwise straight-edged outfit, offering you a way of making a statement without having to shout.

Dapper Dan High Hold Low Shine Matt Paste - Regent Tailoring
Truefitt & Hill - Sandalwood Cologne 100ml - Regent Tailoring

It's great to add that ineffable touch of class to your look, whether that's through creating such a hairstyle that all your date can do is think about running their fingers through it, or choosing a scent that means they simply have to get closer to you. Dapper Dan supply a range of hair products for all types and styles: their flagship High Hold Low Shine is the perfect matt styler to create any look, giving a lovely non-greasy but textured vibe to your hair. Go for the all-natural surfer look with Murdock Sea Salt styling spray and get a lovely, smartly touseled look. To provide that all-alluring, unforgettable and signature scent, look no further than Truefitt & Hill's range of colognes. Distinctive, gentle and charming, they speak of a cultured, singular gentlemen who knows what he wants.

Dressing well leads directly to feeling good: confidence in how you look will boost your confidence in yourself, which is the most direct route to a successful date. The looks we've outlined above are all solid, dependable, and adaptable, depending on how you want to play it. Whether you're dressing to keep things fresh or to bring your best out on a first date - or if you're browsing for a few gifts for a guy, boyfriend or husband - we wish you a comfortable, confident and supremely stylish Valentines.

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