2021’s Best Christmas Gifts

2021’s Best Christmas Gifts for Every Kind of Guy

Our expert run-down of this year’s best Christmas gifts, with Mr Regent’s ‘Editors Pick’ and a breakdown by type of gift-tee

A Stress Free Christmas

It’s December, and it’s crunch-time. We’ve all got those friends who’ve already done all their Christmas shopping - they did it in June! You know the types: ‘oh, I just keep my eyes peeled and grab something whenever I see it!’ 

Well, for some of us, the brains don’t switch on presents-wise till about now, and it can always feel like a little bit of stress, trying to give a meaningful, thoughtful gift gotten in December, the month when everything goes crazy, the calendar is choc-a-bloc, and we’re swamped by a deluge of cheap Christmassy tat.

In swoops Regent, with a nifty rundown of our best Christmas gifts for any type of gentleman, featuring inspiring, unusual, luxurious and forward-thinking garments and goods that’ll stay in their best-presents list for the rest of their lives.

We strongly believe everyone deserves a stress-free Christmas: this blog’s for anyone who wants to do away with the fuss and trust their local, indie store-slash-personal-butler to recommend to them what’s hot and what goes down well with every type of guy. 

Why Regent for your Christmas Gift?

We’re a local, independent fashion, tailors, heritage garments and quality gifts n’ goods store that’s been curating the best garments and gifts for over 15 years. 

A bit like Father Christmas himself, we spend the year curating, gathering, picking and choosing, so come December our shop is full of incredible clothes and quality goods from around the world. We stock brands from London, Tokyo, NYC and more, with a special emphasis on British-made goods that are incredibly crafted and sport minimal carbon footprints.

Plus, we’re a small, indie, family-run shop with a big heart and a restless eye for fashion: buying with us, you’re supporting a passionate and undersung hero of the high street, a one-of-a-kind wonder. They’re rare in this current commercial landscape - the Davids slingshotting against the Goliaths - and need supporting!

Plus, you know that the gift you’re choosing is hand-picked, packed and unique, unlike what everyone else is getting, with a bespoke and indie vibe that’ll be cherished by your loved one.

Best Christmas Gifts: Editor’s Pick

Before we crack on, here are Mr Regent’s top three picks for all-round presents (for him, for her) this year. 

For Him 

This tweed and leather wash bag is a sure-fire hit. Even if he’s already got one, this’ll trump it! Bronze zipper, cherry-red interior, robust and quality leather and tweed that only get better with age: every guy deserves to travel in style.

(This gift also works for her, too!)

For Her 

Stylish, luxurious, oh-so-comfortable: you can’t go wrong with a pair of beautiful cashmere wristwarmers.

We love these because they slip comfortably under every outfit, keep you snug if the outfit you’re wearing is sleeveless, and feel ridiculously soft against the skin.

For Everyone Else

Line up Mums and Dads, Aunties, Uncles, friends who’ve just moved house and are suddenly very garden proud or family who’re obsessed with their houseplants: these are for you. Niwaki’sSnips/Secateurs are affordable (the perfect amount to spend on a friend or colleague) and wonderfully robust, dashing red and, well, snippy. 

Top Christmas Presents in 2021 for Every Type of Person

For the Outdoorsy

Go for Stanley if you want an incredible travel/camping thermos that keeps things hot for a billion years, Haglofs if you want technical outdoor wear with brain as well as brawn, and Filson if you want something stylish and Americana-inspired as well as ruddy practical.

For the Traveller (or Commuter) 

A backpack is a really wonderful present to give, and if you’ve got someone who commutes - or who’s going travelling, or off to school or uni - then a Fjallraven bag is gonna go down a treat

For the Person Who Bought a Lockdown Puppy

Ok, so they love the new puppy more than you. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em… Buy a stylish collar

For the Eco-Conscious

Camelbak is the brand to beat here: better than Chilly’s (which everyone’s got), these are technical, smart, ergonomic and good lookin’. Say goodbye to plastic bottles forevermore.

For the Dads

Ah, Dad: simple, no-nonsense, but also, you want to show him you love him - that you’ve put some thought into it! Well then, a beautiful tie won’t go amiss: it may seem boring, but wait till you’ve seen our range, and you’ll be snapping up something that’s specific to him in no time.

A crisp, quality shirt is also a real winner - to make him feel a little spoiled! Cufflinks always go down well too

Finally, for the tinkerer, Nite-Ize do amazing Dad Doo-Hickeys...

For the Brothers 

Whisky Stones and Bottle Openers go down well with bros of all shapes and sizes (so long as they’re not under 16!) - Men’s Society do an awesome range of giftable goods to entertain and enthral.

For the Groomers (and Groovers)

Truefitt and Hill are fit for kings - literally. They’ve been the Royal Choice for decades, and you’ll see why when you sample some of their elegant colognes.

For the Gardener

Niwaki are an incredible indie brand bringing beautiful, quality goods to gardeners. From unique wood-knives to golden spades, these will blow your gardening guy’s beard off.

For the Guy You Want to Smarten Up

Check out our curated range of Contemporary Casualwear - which might as well be called ‘smart-casual corner’, as everything there will subtly shift his look to the next level.

We’ve also got a great range of smart shirts and jackets, if you want easy ways to spruce the look.

If it’s grooming you’re thinking, then hint at him to lose that scraggly beard with this Truefitt and Hill shaving bowl, or to spice up his scent with one of their colognes.

For the Fashionista

The hottest brands we stock right now all have a great range of options for every type of guy. They are Edwin, YMC and Portuguese Flannel. This’ll dazzle any guy, and really up their fashion game, too.

For the Impossible-to-Buy-For

Not 100% confident they’ll like what you get them? Sling the tricky giftee a voucher for the amount you please, and they can choose something from our panoply of wondrous clothes and practical pieces.

Still Haven’t Found What You’re Looking For?

If you’re still stuck on a gift for a particularly tricky customer, let us know via this contact form

Simply give us a brief description of who you’re buying for - three things about them, say, that they’re into, interested in, that they’re drawn towards, etc - and we’ll be right back with a range of suggestions! 

Like your very own gifting algorithm, we’ll help you find just what you need!

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