Classic iconic American-style denim shirt with pearl popper buttons and pocket logo stitching from Wrangler, made from 100% indigo cotton. The original Cowboy brand, Wrangler make beautiful USA-true garments that sit iconically in the public imagination. The beauty is they cut them and craft them so that they feel so everyday, so accessible. From the mildly pointed collar to the poppered cuffs, its the detail here that sets this shirt apart from the rest: you feel just like you could stay smart whilst wrassling a bunch of cattle in a dustbowl, and barely break a sweat.

Key Features
  • 100% Cotton
  • Pearl popper buttons
  • Regular Fit
  • Classic 'Wrangler' stitching on pockets
  • Environmentally responsible fabric
  • Code: W5MSLW922
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