Argentinean-made embroidered leather polo belt made and designed exclusively by Regent with a 3.5cm width, brass-style buckle and hand-stitched diamond design, coming in multiple sizes. Made by master craftsmen in Argentina with authentic bridle leather, the polo belt has been a staple at Regent for over a decade thanks to its add spark, colour and panache to any outfit. Looking great with a pair of black jeans or beige/light-coloured chinos, the navy and pink here are snapped together by white bands for a dazzling finish.

Key Features

- Hand-Made

- Brass Buckle

- Wax Cording

- Regent Skipper Butterfly Embossed

- 3.5 cm Width

Jason's Fitting & Sizing Advice

Size References:

28" Waist - 80

30"  Waist - 85

32" Waist - 90

34" Waist - 95

36" Waist - 100

38" Waist - 105

40" Waist - 110

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