This exquisite scarf from Regent is wonderfully soft, comfortable and trusty, made from the finest Merino wool and perfect for keeping you snug throughout the bitterest winter months. The tassels at either end are artful and make great decoration across an outfit, and the scarf is two-sided, with a lighter purple with darker spots on one and the converse on the other which, when wound around the neck, gives a lovely interplay. The material is pure virgin wool - the first wool sheared from a sheep in its lifetime - meaning its superlatively soft and snuggly. A versatile and highly adaptable scarf that'll work wonders with any jacket or overcoat, you won't want to leave the house without it.

Key Features

  • Virgin Merino Wool
  • Two-tone, Reversible
  • Cold and Mid-Weather Scarf
  • Unisex

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