Regent Sizing: Full Breakdown

Whether it's a shirt, a jumper, a suit or a jacket: we cut things reliably on the same block, so if you've bought something with us before, you can rest assured other products of its type will be the same. See below for the specifics.


Our Scottish-made jumpers are always cut on the same block, so if you've had one before, you can shop reliably, A lot of people go up a size for a baggier, comfier look, but if you want a fitted look, stick with the size you know.

Our cashmere products carry a narrower cut, and 90% of customers tend to hop up a size when buying.


For smart Regent trousers - not the suit trousers themselves, but those sold seperately - the cut is a straight-to-narrow leg, and they are adjustable, so it can be best to go down a size and then let the waist out to achieve the fitted, narrower look.

For Regent's Chino/Jean, we'd say it's not unusual for customers to go up a size.


All Regent shirts have a comfortable, concise fit with a 0.5 tolerance, a Kent collar, split yoke, back gussets and butterfly darts for comfort over the hip. We make our shirts slightly longer to help them stay tucked in, and the cuffs are usually single, as we believe (as does most of Saville Row) that these fit better beneath a suit, whilst rolling up excellently if need be.


f you've already fit into one Regent suit, you'll fit them all - they are cut on the same block and match the same needs and standards: please do feel safe to buy online if you've bought with us already.

Please note: all below measurements based on a 40" suit. As with any garment, there may be slight variances in measurements from piece to piece. If you would like any further advice we will be happy to help.


  • Jacket length 77cm,
  • Sleeve length 63.5cm,
  • Half circumference 52.5cm.


  • Half bottom width 21.5cm.
  • Half waist measurement 45.5cm


Regent shoes carry the same size guidance as Cheaney: generally true to size, and you can go with what you know. They are cut on an F-Width, which is a standard block (E is narrow). The Cheaney Brogue is a G-Width, which means 'fitted', so slightly less boxy.

With a loafer, it's often worth going down a half size, because these need to fit the foot more snugly, and can often stretch ever so slightly, too.


These are cut on the same block as a Regent suit, so you'll know that if you fit, for example, one of our 42 suits, you'll fit a 42 jacket or blazer. 

Bear in mind that different fabrics move and work in different ways. For example, tweed is a stiffer fabric, and could prove more reductive in it's overall movement allowance.


These are true to size, so stick with what you know. Designed for practical comfort.


Sold in S / M / L / XL.

More details / size chart coming soon


More details / size chart coming soon

We often recommend going up a size and then taking the hat in with a little stitch (Jason will show you how to do this) so that when it shrinks a little over time, or with warmer weather, you can let it back out.


Regent socks are true to size and fit anywhere from a UK size 7 to an 11.5 thanks to the stretch available in them.

It’s worth noting that, in general, if the garment you’re buying is a big investment and you’re sitting between sizes then it’s worth erring on the side of caution and getting a slightly larger size, so that you can always fit it. There’s nothing more likely to put you off wearing something day in, day out if it’s always slightly too small or tight.

If you have any further questions regarding sizing — or the sizing of a particular product — please message Jason via the Whatsapp Chat button on the bottom right of your screen. 

As well as being able to send you further details and more pictures if needed, we can also order in sizes if you can’t see the one you’re looking for online. Just get in touch!

We're passionate about our customer service and helping you find what you need at the right price. Check out our Extra Customer Services for more details.