Filson is an American brand, and as a result, their products can be quite large to size for UK shoppers. The reasoning behind this is so that you can layer plenty underneath, seeing as Filson prides itself on being a practical, outdoorswear and workwear brand. If, however, you want a more regular and stylish look over the workwear look, then hop down a size. It's worth noting that most people tend to go down a size when shopping for Filson.

It’s worth noting that, in general, if the garment you’re buying is a big investment and you’re sitting between sizes then it’s worth erring on the side of caution and getting a slightly larger size, so that you can always fit it. There’s nothing more likely to put you off wearing something day in, day out if it’s always slightly too small or tight.

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As well as being able to send you further details and more pictures if needed, we can also order in sizes if you can’t see the one you’re looking for online. Just get in touch!

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