To every Regent customer, old and new –

We wanted to write to you and touch base regarding the outbreak ofCoronavirus and what this means at Regent for the foreseeable.

The Regent shop in Salisbury is now closed to the public. Onlinewill be where we’re at for the next weeks, until it’s safe to openagain: we’ll do everything we can to help our online store keepthings as awesome as they are in the shop. To smooth thingsover, we’re doing free delivery on every item. Every cloud…


Keep an eye on our Instagram and website for updates on a series of discounts we’ll be doing to offer a bit of retail therapy during these crazy times. Please feel free to contact us about any thing, any time: you can drop us an email at Stay in touch, ask about anything – we’re here to help.

We really want to still be here when this is all over, but we need your support. Ifthere’s something we’ve got that you like – perhaps that you’ve been eyeing upfor a while – now is the time to buy. We’re ready to price-match any garment, and we’re game to discuss lower offers on prices to try and ease the load on your wallet during this fraught time.

Let’s get through this in style. In the meantime, stay safe, look aftereach other, and chin up. We can do this.

All the best,

Jason & the Regent team.