Simply put: Victorinox are the home and purveyors of the original Swiss Army Knife, and everything that's stemmed from it. With over 130 years in the field, this company is truly inimitable - there's no one else that does it like them, and if you want the quality combined with the technical wizardry that made these tools as world-famous as they are, this is the only place to go. From the classic Swiss Army Knives to tools with over 35 different functions packed ingeniously into their compact design, Victorinox are the ones to go for when you're after a multi-tasking and practical wonder for everyday use through to camping, hiking and workshop essentials. For those who cherish practicality and minimalism, without skimping on anything. One of these tools literally does the job of so many disparate objects: buy one, and that's all you'll need in your workshop/studio/travelling gear forever more.

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