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Victorinox, established in 1884 in Ibach, Switzerland, has become synonymous with the iconic Swiss Army Knife, known the world over for its reliability and versatility. With 140 years of precision engineering and craftsmanship, Victorinox is recognised globally for all manner of multi-tools, in addition to their Swiss Army Knives. Their Swiss Army Knives follow a 'design follows function' principle, ensuring each product provides maximum functionality and is manufactured with high-quality materials. Today, Victorinox stands out for its meticulous pursuit of excellence, making it a trustworthy choice for those seeking to be well-prepared for any of life’s practical pursuits.

Victorinox is available in-store only due to the complexities in complying with legislation on selling bladed items online. We may be able to sell over the phone if adequate proof of age can be provided. If you would like to see more then come into the shop or contact us via WhatsApp (bottom-right corner) or here:-

Telephone: 01722 335151


We stock many items from the Victorinox range including, but not limited to the Huntsman, Angler, Ranger and EvoWood series. Please do drop-in to see for yourself or get in touch for more information.


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