Winter is Coming: Regent Outerwear

The end of summer brings sorrow, but the opportunity to revive and restock our wardrobes is definitely welcome, especially when it comes to outerwear. Coats need to be carefully chosen because there are several factors to bear in mind, not least price (coats can involve a hefty outlay) and 'wearability' (selecting a coat that is waterproof, wind-proof and doesn't make you bake can be a tough order). By its nature, a coat is also a large and very visible item of clothing so you'll

probably want it to possess panache as well as practicality. A tall order – perhaps – but Regent Tailoring has a range of coats for you to consider. For something that combines classic and contemporary looks, Gloverall's 'Monty' is a durable and stylish duffle coat (above, left). Originally made for British soldiers during the Second World War, the Ministry of Defence had a surplus of coats that it needed to shift after 1945. Recognising that ex-military clothing would probably deter would-be buyers after a prolonged global conflict, Gloverall was established as a civilian trading company to help make the coats more appealing. The ruse worked and the 'Monty' – named after the British Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery – has remained popular; the fact that David Bowie had one has probably also helped. The coat, made from Italian wool, would probably be too warm to wear over a suit, so is perhaps best worn casually: it could be paired with the Regent-Ludwig Reiter boots. Similarly heritage and hip, Regent's own brand slim block coat in Covart cloth, sourced from Scotland's Lovat Mill, is an ideal choice for work and leisure (above, right). The coat would work equally well if worn casually – with denim jeans and a simple white T-Shirt – and formally – with a suit from Regent's Heritage range. For lighter coats, Aigle's three-in-one jacket is a practical and stylish option (right). The Heron colourway photographed here is also a very adaptable colour. Another option is Peregrine's waxed jacket (below, left). A neck strap will help to keep out the weather. A gun shoulder patch makes this an ideal country coat, or something a bit more distinctive, if worn in the city. An outerwear option that is ideally suited to leisure and work environments is provided by Regent's collaboration with Grenfell (below, right). Grenfell have been making coats, woollens and cardigans since the early twentieth century. This golfer jacket celebrates that history and includes some special like the side adjusters and slanted pockets, whilst remaining contemporary, with its frontal zip fastening. All of the coats featured here are now in Regent's Salisbury shop. So, whatever the winter throws at you, staying dry and warm at work and play is now possible!


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