What to wear if you're getting married - Semi Formal

Wedding outfits – Semi Formal

When people usually think about clothing choices at a wedding, the bride's dress is first and foremost on the agenda, if you picture a wedding scene, no doubt the bride will be the centre of attention, looking radiant in a beautiful dress, whilst the groom is imagined in 'a suit' of some description. Obviously it would be the height of bad manners for the groom to upstage the bride, there's no reason why he should be left out. At Regent, we feel the groom deserves to look and feel his absolute best, whether that be in tails and a top hat or in far more casual tailored seperates.

In recent years, weddings have certainly become less formal affairs, particularly when it comes to what is worn, with some people going so far as to tie the knot in jeans and trainers! Whilst this level of casual isn't something we'd particularly be advocates of, there is certainly an argument for the groom wearing something he's comfortable in, rather than looking and feeling awkward in a morning suit. You're going to want to remember the day as a happy one and look back on the photos with fond memories, you'll smile all the more naturally if you're at ease with yourself and comfortable in what you're wearing.

One of the most popular looks for somebody wanting to retain a smart silhouette whilst still breaking away from the plain grey suit, is a tweed suit or seperates. By its very nature, tweed is a more casual fabric than a lot of others, due to it's slightly rougher, more uneven texture and matte finish. Whilst the word 'tweed' usually conjures up images of traditional shooting or fishing attire in green or brown, this definitely isn't the case! Whilst some tweeds are like this, many come in more conventional colours, with single colour blues, greys and browns readily available. No matter what colour or style of tweed you're interested in, the idea itself is hugely popular.  Tweed can be worn at a wedding in many different ways, one of the most popular is wearing a tweed jacket with a seperate trouser, shirt and tie. Not only does this make for a beautiful outfit on the day of the wedding, but also leaves you with a collection of clothes you can wear again and again, for example, a tweed jacket looks absolutely fantastic dressed down with a pair of jeans and brogues, a look which can be worn again and again.


Regent 'Harvey' jacket in blue tweed, with contrasting tweed waistcoat and wool tie.


Whilst it may not be to everyone's taste, we are finding more and more customers who are interested in a full tweed suit, with jacket, trousers and even waistcoat all cut from the same cloth. If done well, this can look stunning, but some of the bolder tweeds do take a certain amount of panache to carry off. If you do decide to go for a tweed suit, we'd recommend keeping the rest of the outfit as muted as possible, with a plain white shirt and classic shoes, in brown, rather than black.


Regent 'Vic' tweed suit with pink and navy stripe tie, perfect for a country wedding.


Another option for a gentleman wishing to get married whilst avoiding having to put on a suit is for him to channel his inner ivy leaguer with a navy blazer, cotton oxford shirt and either a pair of grey flannels or beige cotton chinos. This outfit gives a nod to classic American and British style making use of very simple, versatile pieces, which, like the aforementioned tweed jacket can be worn again and again for a wide range of occasions. This type of outfit works best with accessories in a similar mould such as a colourful silk repp tie and brown loafers.

Regent keep in stock a huge range jackets, shirts, suits and ties for an off the peg wedding outfit. Alternatively, we are able to make almost anything you may wish to wear from a wide range of cloths, sourced from across the world. If you're getting married and are unsure quite what you'd like to wear, or even if you'd just like to try out a few options, Regent offer free and honest personal styling appointments, perfect to help you decide on an outfit.

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