Triwa Watches: Smart, Stylist Timepieces

Regent work with a small number of carefully chosen brands to complement the products we sell in our shop and online store. We choose brands that share our passion for enduring design that embraces the past; brands that appreciate, and demonstrate, the art of true craftsmanship through their products. The watches that Regent sell from Triwa are an example of this curation process.

Like Regent, Triwa started trading about a decade ago, operating initially from a garage in Sweden's capital, Stockholm. Starting small enabled Triwa's team, who still had full-time jobs, to focus on craft over commerce and to produce watches that were not about status – as so many watches are – but about style and functionality. Triwa watches utilise local resources, like their Tärnsjö tanned leather straps, which reflects a desire to stay true to the geographic origins of their products and a desire for premium materials.

It has become a cliché to say that accessory brands are imbued with the 'heritage' of their environment and culture, but with Triwa, the elision between place and product is strong: the vibrant colours that highlight details on a Triwa watch face and strap recall the colours of Stockholm's cobbled streets (the LANSEN model, above: top left); the lustre of steel and gold conjures associations with Sweden's diverse topography and climate (the metallic CHRONOS model (right) or the NEVIL chronograph (above, second from bottom), where the navy sunray dial recalls the pattern of the ocean). Sensitive to the traditional values, the precision of the watches' designs ensure they look contemporary. The inclusion of a second strap with some of Triwa's watches in a contrasting colour or material also provides flexibility, meaning the watch can be worn comfortably for work and leisure. A personal favourite is Triwa's AZURE NIBEN (left); the intricately patterned dial and stainless steel mesh strap, complemented by the and cool turquoise roundel, make for a watch that is simultaneously striking and subtle, a description that is, on reflection, apt to refer to all Triwa timepieces.

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