We've got you covered for all the final flourishes and outstanding details in any wedding outfit

We're currently in the heart of the wedding season, and whether it's you that's tying the knot or else you're in the middle of a flurry of ceremonies, dinners, and dances celebrating for friends, Regent is your one-stop-shop for all things wedding-related. We're sure you've heard of our myriad wedding services and suits, so today we're looking at the smaller details, finishing touches and various accessories that'll keep all eyes on you on the big day... whether it's you that's getting married or not!

A strong tie is, of course, crucial, and we've got something for every taste, season or passion under the sun: rep those suave city slickers with a beautiful navy tie decorated in handsome foxes, fly the flag for bikers everywhere with this exquisite burgundy beauty or, for some truly unique summer fun, try an elegant bug-studded number. We've got everything, from a bold and classic range of traditional ties to dragonflies, woodcocks, and fish; polka dots, stripes, spots and dogstooth, every one beautifully woven and eye-poppingly gorgeous – there's no way you won't find what you're looking for.

Then there's the question of the pocket square: what once could've been considered a fiddly and frustrating item is now a walk in the park thanks to our dazzling selection – if you can dream it, we've got it. The nifty tip of fabric that flowers elegantly out of your top pocket is a must have and adds a beautiful contrast to your suit, offering another opportunity to turn heads or catch eyes on the dancefloor. We've got all kinds of paisley, subtle and smart or rustic chic for any countryside shenanigans.

A sweet pair of socks is often the perfect curveball to flair up any wedding outfit, and Regent's own brand cotton numbers come in a blistering array of ballistic colours and patterns. As you're strolling around the lawns with your pimms, or perched on a pew, the hem of your trouser hitched up, flashing a bit of snazzy sock is a great way to indicate style and personality whilst still playing by the traditional wedding rules. Try the old-school classic combo of red and blue stripes to be the artful jester, or spark intrigue with an aquamarine-themed ankle-flash; start the party with electric yellow lightning bolts or go smart but contemporary with some nifty thin stripes. Whichever way you're headed, Regent has got the means to kit you out.

And we haven't even touched upon our cufflink selection to catch a glint of the summer sun – speaking of which, have you perused our pairs of sunglasses, perfect for the current heatwave and keeping you looking smart and cool? Wedding outfits are a great opportunity to add small touches of personal flair and idiosyncrasy, helping you to pull focus and show you've thought carefully about every last detail for your friends and loved ones. Nip into Regent and we'll help you find the perfect combo of accessories, meaning that every little thing is perfect for the big day.

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