The Art of Gentlemen's Grooming

Hair, face, beard, scent – we’ve got you covered for everything that goes on from the neck up, as well as down. All the products featured here, plus many more, can be found at our Grooming Essentials page

As the winter sets in for good it’s all the more important to look after yourself – to maintain a sense of well-being in these diminishing daylight hours. It’s our way of fighting back against the impinging cold and dark: focus on staying dapper and groomed, right from when you head out into the cold for work to when you’re nestled next to the fire in the corner of a cosy pub whilst winding down. At Regent, we’ve got a fantastic range of products that we’ve chosen to ensure every bit of you is moisturised, coiffed and excellently turned out. Let us introduce you to our personal favourites via the good folk at Murdock and at Truefitt and Hill. Starting at the top: we’ve got the perfect products to keep your hair well-nourished, healthy and working for you. Murdock are at the peak of the gentlemen’s grooming world, with expert, no-nonsense products that are high quality and exist to serve. Their beautiful Quince and Oakmoss Shampoo and Conditioner products are wonderful concoctions that we’re proud to stock: they smell exquisite, and leave your hair clean and healthy without drying it out one jot.

Once your hair is clean and prepped, style and sculpt it into your perfect look with Murdock’s Vintage Pommade: this is the ultimate in traditional hair-styling, with classic gents the world over combing it in to get that slick, vintage look: from Grease to Mad Men to modern style icons like Tom Hardy and David Beckham, pommade proves a key ingredient to achieving a confident, swaggering style.

Next: the all-important shaving experience. We stock Truefitt and Hill because they are the epitome of traditional gent’s grooming: since 1805, they’ve developed and innovated, working out what the most natural and most enduring ingredients are for the most efficient and luxurious grooming experience. Sanctioned by English Royalty, their shaving soaps are economical and satisfying, and you can choose between the classic Grafton, 1805 or Traditional Truefitt scents for your soap.

But – you’ll need your Badger Shaving Brush first. These are immensely enjoyable and iconic products that make shaving a fun, classy and satisfying experience all over again. The badger hair is beautiful and efficient, and with a couple of sweeps you’ll have applied the perfect coating of soap – plus, these brushes are a sound investment and can last ten to fifteen years – invest in one and you won’t regret it. We even sell the brush and razor combo in an exquisite faux ebony or ivory.

However, to some of you, the idea of shaving might seem an affront, and we hear you: to all those bearded gents who know what it means to treat your facial frizz with kindness, we offer you the Murdock Beard Moisturiser. This astonishing all-in-one product smoothes and softens your facial hair and the skin underneath, leaving it a lot more comfy for you, and for anyone who’d like to get near you.

Finally, a spray of scent is an integral finish to any grooming session: apply just enough so that people catch an alluring trace of it as you pass, and so that you can enjoy it yourself throughout the day. Truefitt and Hill’s scents are truly exquisite, all of them soft, natural and subtle, whilst still proving totally idiosyncratic. We stock them all, from the light and refreshing Freshman with its top notes of bergamot, lemon and rosemary, to the warm and spicy, rich and woody Grafton fragrance. They’re all perfect year-round scents, sharp and cosy, full of spice and warmth.

All of the above will make tremendous gifts: introduce a friend to their favourite new brand, show your Dad you’re rocking the tradition with a proper old-fashioned shaving kit, or choose a scent for your loved one – one that you’ll get to enjoy on him too.

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