Spotlight Brand: Häglofs

We love introducing you to the best new brands around and, in this post, we explain why the latest addition to the Regent family.

Häglofs, is the perfect brand for today’s outdoorsman and his outlook…At Regent we love researching, hand-picking and stocking brands and garments that are hybridised, multifaceted, capable of being more than one thing. We believe it’s better to dig a little deeper into the wallet for an item that’s going to not only last a lifetime and put in a great service, but that’s also adaptable and conscious of it’s remit, ready to be the best in its field and cross-over to many other occasions you might need it for.

Think of it this way: as opposed to having a smart outdoors jacket for the city, a smart outdoors jacket for the country, a warmer number, a lighter one, etc, etc, we know you just want your jacket. That trusty one you always feel great in.

Enter Häglofs: the ultimate outdoors-wear for the contemporary gent. Häglofs are the outdoor adventurer brand for cynics: they pride themselves on being able to convert even the hardiest of outdoors-wear-sceptics thanks to their reliability in providing immaculately high-quality garments, as well as their persistent self-evaluation – meaning they stay on top of the latest technology, sustainability and fashion – and their pride in ensuring you look, feel and perform better in a Häglof item. 

Founded by a man with a foot in the worlds of both work-wear and fashion, Häglof understand that not everyone's on board with an outdoorsy lifestyle straight off the bat, and that it's important to feel comfortable, be thoroughly protected, and feel, style-wise, like you're not pretending to be someone you ain't. That's how this wonderful company have come to provide us with clothes that are so joyously practical and so elegantly cool, all at once.These guys truly think of everything: they pay great attention to reducing their carbon footprint and providing you with ethically sourced and sustainable clothing, as well as carefully considering how each and every item of theirs can be looked after and cared for to ensure its longest possible lifespan. 

We’re currently stocking some of Häglofs absolute brightest and best: each item is one that covers all your bases, perfect for the upcoming unpredictable weather as we transition out of winter and face all the squalls, flurries, frosts and gales that this entails. Häglofs Merak Jacket isn't so much a garment as a piece of armour: fully articulated, breathable, protective, made from a two-layer GORTEX® shell-jacket, it's perfectly balanced and ready for high-achievers, be it out hiking, camping, gardening, anything. If it’s a lightweight but chill-cutting, wind-beating, rain-slaying number you’re looking for, try the L.I.M. Jacket: beautifully minimalist, ruthlessly efficient, great-looking. The Essens Jacket is a thing of wonder: a perfectly lightweight garment that packs all the protection and insulation of a full-on winter coat, it looks and feels miraculous. Pare it down with the Essens Vest for the same effect but in an even niftier gilet format. Finally, Häglofs Whooly Jacket, stocked in a beautiful Deep Woods Green the colour of Dartmoor moss, is an incredibly comfy and insulating jacket that’s great for long walks, hikes and gardening.

These are all perfect examples of what this brand is so good at: proper outdoors-wear that genuinely looks great and is equally perfect for a full-on three-day hike as it is a cycle through the city from work on a miserable day. We’re excited to be stocking these guys and can’t wait for you to try a taste of the latest revolution in great-looking outdoors-wear.

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