Regent's Footwear Collaboration with Ludwig Reiter

Finding male footwear that is practical and hardwearing, modish and well-made is surprisingly difficult. Thankfully, Regent Tailoring's collaboration with Austrian shoemaker Ludwig Reiter has made the search for sustainable and stylish shoes easier.

Regent has long history with Ludwig Reiter, for it was one of the first brands that Jason stocked when he opened Regent Tailoring. This initial partnership meant Regent became one of the first retailers of Ludwig Reiter footwear in the UK. For their recent collaboration the two companies have combined their creative and constructional skills to produce a twist on the 'Maronibrater' boot that can be worn year-round. If you're wondering, 'Maronibrater' means 'chestnut roaster' and refers to the men who traditionally wore, and still today in Vienna wear, this distinctive boot. The Regent collaboration includes quirky touches befitting Salisbury's unique tailor: the uppermost section of the boot is faced with a durable Lovat Mill tweed in a distinctive blue and brown window-pane check. The lower half of the boots are made from sturdy Russian leather. Inside, the boots are lined with light brown lamb fleece, which is incredibly comfortable. If you ever did want to take them off (and I really didn't to when I tried them on in the shop!), each boot has two elastic straps in a contrasting bright orange and a buckled leather adjustment strap to help you remove them.

The design of the boots is at once contemporary and classic. The craft and heritage of family-owned Ludwig Reiter, which has been making quality footwear in a Vienna since 1885 (in a castle, no less!), and the Lovat Mill, which continues to produce cloths in line with age-old traditions from the Scottish town of Hawick, is balanced by the shot of electric orange and the subtle placement of the Regent butterfly, which is pressed into the leather adjustment straps. A flexible design, the boots are also versatile to wear. Ideal for long country walks, the boots would be just at home in the urban jungle, where heavy-soled, industrial-style footwear has become increasingly fashionable for men and women. One style tip, for a more relaxed casual look, and to bring more texture into your outfit, is to fold the boot's tweed upper down to reveal the fur lining. Think of wearing the boots with Monkee Jeans or Vetra Marine Pants, an Aigle parka or Litedown Vest.


But if you are tempted by the 'Maronibrater' boots, you'll need to act quickly, for only eight pairs have been made – and my name's definitely on one of them!
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